Carole Charbonnier lives between Paris and North Finistère. She started photography under the influence of still life, 
but regularly turns to reportage and portrait where she attaches importance to the unspoken in ordinary scenes and 
the uniqueness of each individual. Her work is regularly exhibited, and in 2019, she was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the "Objectif Femmes" event for her project "Memories & Materials", also presented at the Bastille Design Center and the Grand Palais.

In September 2021, her project "The Living" was exhibited at the Salons Aguado (Mairie Paris 9) and was
 accompanied by a self-published book containing over a hundred images. This work is an intimate testimony to the lives 
of seven farmers in Trégor facing agribusiness.

In 2022, she was invited by Elisabeth Maisondieu-Camus to exhibit her work at La Prison de la Santé during the 2022 Estival Albert Camus.

In 2023, Carole Charbonnier returns to still life with her new series "Such Beautiful Ending". 
In this series, she creates still lifes in a genre often considered minor. Guided by careful observation and faithful representation, 
she looks at the small lives and pastoral tragedies often ignored but deserving of our attention just as much as major 
events in human life. For her, no death should seem unworthy of a glance.

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